We're always looking for new talent to add to the team. Being at the cutting edge brings about challenges and the pace can be quite fast. Below are just some of the tech that we use on a daily basis. Centered around web, mobile, and backend development.


At Mystic we love lots of languages, and Python is one of our favorites. Easily build something out quickly? or build out a full-blown website with API and ready to scale. Python can do that. If you grok it, we'd love to talk.


It's hard to argue how important Java has been to Mystic and to the web. We've been hard at work since the beginning writing code in Java and loving it. Yes, even the verbosity is something we don't mind. We <3 Java

HTML5 and JavaScript

HTML5 and JavaScript power the web, and we love and talk quite often about the amazing things you can build online. If you speak HTML5 and JavaScript as one of your first languages, we definitely have a need for your skillset.


It's hard to estimate how much Linux has played a role in our deployment strategy for more than a decade. We heavily advise using it for deploying to servers, and you'll usually find a Unix variant on our desks.


Docker may be the new kid on the block, but it's based on solid foundations of awesome. We use it or Vagrant in most of our codebases to ensure our development boxes are as close to production as possible.


The cloud has become quite a cliche at this point. It's important to understand how to work in the environments from Amazon, Red Hat, Rackspace, etc. and how to deploy effectively.


Apply with us

If you've got technology coarsing through your veins, and can pick up on new technology in a flash, we'd like to talk to you.