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Oct 26

Apps are not ending, just evolving

By Andrew Lombardi | Comments


In a few years it may be possible to get a degree in writing headlines for websites looking to suck in readers. BuzzFeed, Gawker and similar have mostly mastered the art of misdirection, pulling you in with a shocking or tantalizing headline only to be let down by the relative ho hum of the payoff. Videos that we’ve seen several times, the tear jerkers, the shocking, the unlikely hero who doesn’t hold our idea of beauty but can really sing. A colleague of mine sent an article about “The End Of Apps As We Know Them”. Given that here at Mystic we’re in the app development space, this is of particular interest.

The basic premise, is that the new paradigm for designing and delivering apps to end users is:

  1. Designing systems and not destinations
  2. Notification screens in iOS 8 and Android are going to be really huge

I don’t disagree with most of the article. I have found like countless others, that the expanded toolset available via a notification to be very handy. The expanded nature of the share button to include extensions and other share options are also serving a much needed hole in the mobile experience (looking at you Pocket and 1Password).

It goes off the rails for me in the narrow approach to how apps are changing. When I read it, I agree with the obvious, that apps are expanding into other areas of the phone, offering us new ways to consume content. It treats the reader as if they are a mere consumer of content, and not the creator. Consumers of content are interesting for their value to an app, websites, etc. Creators haven’t seen enough change in how content is crafted on mobile other than Siri not sucking that much anymore.

What are your thoughts? How has creating in the mobile space evolved for you?