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May 01

If you’re building any application using web technology destined for a browser it will likely need to interact with a third party API. Web development has taken a lot of the wonderful patterns from backend development we’ve all enjoyed and moved it to the frontend. With a server-based backend we would be looking at access to a persistence infrastructure possibly directly (though that isn’t the best practice), or through a first-party API with a pattern of controls based on REST or GraphQL. With front-end JavaScript frameworks in order to move beyond mostly a toy, you’ll be accessing data through a first-party or a third-party API.

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Dec 05


This is part 1 of a tutorial series in building a Personal Finance App. In this series, we’ll be building an Electron app that allows you to compute your total balance across multiple bank accounts, using real, live data from your actual accounts.

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Dec 04

When I was at Java2Days this year, I was pulled into a panel discussion about Cybersecurity, AI and Digitalization. The discussion ranged in talks about privacy, e-voting, and if artificial intelligence will take your job as a developer.

As a true lover of Star Wars, I was wearing my AT-AT shirt which you can find at Target.

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