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Jan 04

Calling via Skype using Launchbar with AppleScript

By kinabalu | Comments


Being a small business owner, I do a lot of talking on the phone. It could be on the iPhone, but if I’m at the computer it’s usually via Skype. I like to limit my usage of the mouse to as little as possible, so Launchbar is another absolute must. Enter Skype Applescripts for Launchbar.

Simply do one of two things:

  1. Select a contact record, and their phone number, <tab>, Call with Skype
  2. Enter text entry mode ('), type in a phone number with or without country code info, <tab>, Call with Skype

Long ago, I got the Skype Scripts at the Launchbar forums, but it seems those links are gone now. And the scripts that I had, for some reason didn’t respect the country code and automatically assumed the US country code. So entering something like +1 and then a number, would send +1+1 and then the number … obviously Skype didn’t think much of this. Luckily through the power of the internet, I found a macosxhints article which in the comments had a perfect replacement for the “Call with Skype” script. Here’s the original forum posts over at the Objective Development Forums.

I’ve included an archive of the scripts, it should be placed at /Users//Library/Application Support/LaunchBar/Actions/Skype. There are a handful of really awesome scripts aside from the "Call with Skype" including:

  1. Answer Skype Call
  2. Call with Skype
  3. Decline Skype Call
  4. Hang Up Skype Call
  5. Skype Mute Off
  6. Skype Mute On
  7. Toggle Skype Mute
  8. And many many more...