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Oct 20

We've decided to take the plunge and do a quick redesign of the site. The old one was getting a bit long in the tooth, and we couldn't see subjecting anybody to that design any longer. As such, if you see any errors on the site, missing links, big foot, etc, please hit us up on social media and tell us. We're using Jekyll to power the site, and hosted over at Github Pages to keep things super simple.

Look for the old blog posts to be backfilled in here once we figure out how to work the jekyll-import tool

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Dec 03

Our Java2Days talks have been completed. There is still another day left of amazing talks by amazing speakers. Can't wait to see more talks about WebSockets, OhmDB, and more Java technologies.

Our talks:

Both talks are using reveal.js for display purposes. Thank you again for everyone who attended and participated with questions in the talk.

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Nov 26

If we spend any time on the tubes, we know that the internet is a large and wonderful place. It has allowed us to communicate and shrink the world, and learn whatever we wish to learn along the way. This could be how to fold a fitted sheet, learn the meaning behind string theory, or watch some stars spoof an already disturbingly odd music video (cheers Kanye). More and more the useful and useless stuff comes via known suspects: Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc. \n So if you'd like to give yourself a timeout, because you have no self control (I don't, it's cool). Use SelfControl.app and give yourself freedom from whatever sites are wasting your time while you're trying to get actual work done. Edit the blacklist, and add the half of the internet that is useless, which usually comes from the above sites first. After starting, those websites will now refuse to load.\n Perfect.\n Curiosity though, always gets the better of me. And while their FAQ states that once SelfControl starts, it can't be stopped for the duration ... that's simply not true. Since we're on a Mac, and we've got a BSD backend, there had to be a firewall involved. So if you'd like to see a list of all the IP addresses (the blacklist sites) that SelfControl is blocking: % sudo ipfw list \n Take a look at the line that says "count ip from any to any // BEGIN SELFCONTROL BLOCK" and ends with "count ip from any to any // END SELFCONTROL BLOCK". All of these IP addresses are what you have asked to block and with a flick of the wrist, this can all be undone. For each IP address within the block, there is a 5-digit identifier number, e.g. 01518. Armed with this simply type: % sudo ipfw delete /insert number here/ \n Browse what you want yet again. Waste all the time in the world. I apologize in advance.\n

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